Turn To Me And Be Saved

Wednesday of Week 3 in Advent

Is. 45:6-8, 18, 21-26 & Lk.7:19-23

“I am the Lord unrivalled,
There is no other god beside Me,
A God of integrity and a saviour;
There is no other apart from Me.
Turn to Me and be saved.”
No other but a loving God is making this appeal to us today. He is yearning for our love.

How could be not respond to such an appeal of love! The best and only thing we can do is to turn to God, acknowledge our Creator, praise Him and we will be saved. Every knee should bend to the glory of God who alone created all.

John the Baptist recognised Jesus. He knew He was the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. Now he sends his disciples to find this out for themselves and to ask if Jesus was the Saviour, or if they were to continue to wait. That very day Jesus had cured many people of various illnesses and had freed people from evil spirits. Jesus told John’s men to recount to John the deeds that He had done. He had cured the blind, the deaf, crippled, lepers, raised people who were dead. John, hearing this report, now wanted his disciples to leave him and follow Jesus their new Master. He is also telling us to acknowledge Him and we will be blessed.

Lord Jesus, we are anxiously awaiting Your coming to us this Christmas. Let us show how much we love You by the good deeds we do for You and others today.