What Wonders Jesus Can Do For Us!

Saturday of Week 1 in Ordinary Time - Cycle II

1 Sam. 9:1-4, 17-19, 10:1 & Mk. 2:13-17

Called to be king of Israel in very ordinary circumstances, Saul was anointed by Samuel with utter simplicity. He looked every inch a king, the most handsome man in Israel, but because somebody looks regal does not necessarily mean that they are. His reign was to lead the lsraelites on a new course and it proved to be a very turbulent one.

There was a golden age under King David, the successor of Saul, despite his human weakness, but it was relatively brief. Then under his son, Solomon, a decline began which was to result in a division of the kingdom into two, north and south, and eventually the exile and disgrace of God's people. Corruption, lust and an abandonment of God marked most of the lives of the kings.

In stark contrast we have Jesus Christ who was to be the perfect king. He was born in poverty in David's city of Bethlehem and lived, and died, a poor man. There was no lust for earthly power in his life! Rather he was consumed with a passion to serve His people in love. His whole life was marked with a complete trust in His Father. How different He was from earthly kings!

In the Gospel we see Jesus calling the hated tax collector Levi to change his style of life and follow Him, and then dines with him and his friends. For this, the so-called righteous criticised Him. Levi had the wisdom to recognize the emptiness and unsatisfying way of life he was leading, and saw the nobility of life that Jesus had to offer. So he turned his back on what he had and became Matthew – not only one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus but also one of the four Evangelists who wrote His life story for us.

Lord Jesus, help us to recognize that we are sinners, constantly tempted to sin and very much in need of Your healing help. You did wonders for Levi the tax collector. What wonders can You do with us?